LEAM Stockholm

The Land Evolusion and impact Assessment Model is a simulation laboratory for the development of the Stockholm Region.

Participants: Vladimir Cvetkovic, Johan Högström, Jan Haas, Joel Franklin, Daniel Jonsson, Ulla Mörtberg, Andreas Zetterberg, Brian Deal, et. al.

The Land Evolusion and impact Assessment Model (LEAM) Stockholm is developing a planning support system through an integrated modelling platform for urban growth, transportation, ecosystem services and energy options for the Stockholm region. The project is a part of the larger project on Stockholm region sustainability laboratory (REAL) which is a research cluster of the ABE School of KTH. The project is also financed by FORMAS.

LEAM Stockholm is a trans-disciplinary initiative developed with participants from several divisions of the Royal Institute of Technology; the Environmental Management and Assessment Research Group; the Division of Geoinformatics; the Division of Transport and Location Analysis; together with EcoLoop and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Illinois, USA.

Currently we are cooperating concerning urban growth and impact assessment of Stockholm, in comparison with other cities, using the LEAM model, in a case study called LEAM Stockholm. Within this case study, different urban growth policy choices are examined and compared from several sustainability perspectives.

Related activities

  • iLEAM Stockholm seminar on Urban System Science 11 May 2017 at KTH Campus, Stockholm
  • Workshop 10 May 2017 with TRF, SU and KTH
  • Lectue and iLEAM Stockholm model laboration 8 May 2017 within the EESI programme course Natural Resources Management Tools (AL2300), KTH
  • Model development for regional planning in the Stockholm Region. Workshop 27 September 2016 at KTH, Stockholm. TRF, WSP, UIUC, SU and KTH
  • Planning of compact, low traffic, green cities. Workshop 6 May 2014 at KTH, Stockholm. Swedish Transport Agency, the Nordic Road Association, and KTH.
  • Comparative cities and urban sustainability. Workshop October 1­-4, 2012, at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Hållbara Stockholm - samhällsbyggnadsforskning i samverkan. Tvärdisciplinärt forskarnätverk i samverkan med Stockholmsregionen. Workshop 9 november 2011, Glashusett, Stockholm. [In Swedish].
  • Stockholm LEAM Workshop - the Land Use Evolution and Impact Assessment Model, 19-20 September 2011, KTH, Stockholm.


Mörtberg, U., Goldenberg, R., Kalantari, Z., Kordas, O., Deal, B., Balfors, B. & Cvekovic, V. 2017. Integrating ecosystem services in the assessment of urban energy trajectories - A study of the Stockholm Region. Energy Policy 100: 338-349.

Mörtberg, U., Haas, J., Zetterberg, A., Franklin, J., Jonsson, D. & Deal, B. 2013. Urban ecosystems and sustainable urban development – analysing and assessing interacting systems in the Stockholm region. Urban Ecosystems 16: 763-782, DOI: 10.1007/s11252-012-0270-3.  

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