EESI MSc thesis presentations

Tid: Fr 2017-06-16 kl 09.00 - 16.30

Plats: Room LWR77, Teknikringen 76, entrance floor, KTH Campus



Eva Melin: Infiltration capacity for green areas during heavy rain - infiltration measurements and modelling in MIKE21. Adviser, examiner: Bo Olofsson


Nathalie Haenel: Green stormwater strategies: Assessment and performance of flood mitigation strategies in Järfälla Municipality. Adviser, examiner: Robert Earon, Bo Olofsson

10:05-10:35  Josefine Sandberg: Water Scarcity in Coastal Areas of Sweden Assessment of water availability and reservoir sensitivity in Värmdö municipality based on climate change scenarios. Adviser, examiner: Robert Earon, Bo Olofsson

Hilfi Amri: Investigating Inudation Impacts Caused by Extreme Sea Level Rise at Nacka Municipality. Adviser, examiner: Zahra Kalantari, Vladimir Cvetkovic


Anna-Klara Almer: Integrating remotely sensed hydrologic parameters into an index of sediment connectivity. Adviser, examiner: Zahra Kalantari, Ulla Mörtberg


Kajsa Lundgren: Investigation of the Impact of Different Urbanization Patterns on Surface Water Within the Stockholm Region. Adviser, examiner: Zahra Kalantari, Ulla Mörtberg


Ricardo Valencia Gudiño: Modelling copper pollution from road traffic in a peri-urban catchment in Portugal by using MIKE SHE, and MIKE 11 coupled with ECO lab. Adviser, examiner: Zahra Kalantari, Jon Petter Gustafsson


Elin Stenfors & Martin Alesund: Digital tools and data in the Detailed Planning process in Stockholm municipality. Adviser, examiner: Ulla Mörtberg, Berit Balfors

 16:00-16:30 Caroline Sundin: Exploring the water-energy nexus in the Omo river basin - A first step toward the development of an integrated hydrological-OSeMOSYS energy model. Adviser, examiner: Ulla Mörtberg


2017-06-16T09:00 2017-06-16T16:30 EESI MSc thesis presentations EESI MSc thesis presentations
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