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Examining transitions towards sustainable consumption patterns: the consumer potential for a sharing economy in Stockholm (pdf 350 kB)

Monika Olsson monika@kth.se

Measurement and determinants of consistency across key pro-environmental consumption behaviours amongst KTH students and staff (pdf 482 kB)

Monika Olsson monika@kth.se

Measuring the environmental impacts of cities in Sweden – a life cycle assessment approach (pdf 349 kB)

Monika Olsson monika@kth.se
Energiomställning på Spendrups (ext.web) Monika Olsson monika@kth.se
Product waste footprint – assessing the usefulness of the indicator (pdf 521 kB) Monika Olsson monika@kth.se
Thesis project about creating a new method of certifying e-products (pdf 1,4 MB) Monika Olsson monika@kth.se
Mapping the flow of food at KTH (pdf 14 kB) Cecilia Sundberg cesu@kth.se
Aquaculture in Guatemala Björn Frostell bjorn.frostell@abe.kth.se

UrbanT group (7 ass.) (pdf 18 kB)

Oleksii Pasichnyi oleksii.pasichnyi@abe.kth.se

Assessing the seaweed industry – a potential valuable market and environmental friendly products in the future (docx 53 kB)

Mauricio Sodre  mausr@kth.se
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute - textile flows and chemicals Anna Jarnehammar anna.jarnehammar@ivl.se
Stockholms stad (Stockholm municipality) – In Swedish (5 ass.) (pdf 20 kB) Gustaf Landahl gustaf.landahl@stockholm.se
SEI Stockholm Environmental Institute – in Sweden and abroad (13 ass.) (pdf 46 kB) Sarah Dickin sarah.dickin@sei-interntional.org
The value of biodiversity – the case of old growth forest in Tyresta national park (pdf 18 kB) Daniel Franzén dfranz@kth.se
Algea project on Gotland (pdf 17 kB) Daniel Franzén dfranz@kth.se

Potential project with Elion in Inner Mongolia (China) (pdf 17 kB)

Daniel Franzén dfranz@kth.se

Environmental impacts of e-medicine (pdf 14 kB)

Cecilia Sundberg cesu@kth.se

Environmental and social labelling (pdf 15 kB)

Cecilia Sundberg cesu@kth.se
Biochar in Sweden – project in Stockholm with Fortum Cecilia Sundberg cesu@kth.se
Environmental management at KTH (pdf 15 kB) Cecilia Sundberg cesu@kth.se
KTH i takt med de transportpolitiska målen? (pdf 16 kB) Markus Robért markus.robert@abe.kth.se

Exjobb hos Ragn-Sells AB / Masters Thesis at Ragn-Sells AB (pdf 131 kB)

Monika Olsson monika@kth.se
Carbon footprint of renewable energy Miguel Brandão miguelb@kth.se
Organic vs. Conventional Farming Miguel Brandão miguelb@kth.se
Sustainability assessment Miguel Brandão miguelb@kth.se
Dealing with multiple objectives in decision making Miguel Brandão miguelb@kth.se
Comparative Life Cycle Analysis of algae-based textiles vs conventional equivalent (s) such as cotton and hemp (pdf 231 kB) Jean-Baptiste Thomas jbthomas@kth.se
Environmental management at KTH (pdf 94 kB) Cecilia Sundberg cesu@kth.se
Suggestions for Thesis in cooperation with the indigenous Mosetén people in Bolivia (OPIM) (pdf 79 kB) Monika Olsson monika@kth.se
Drying algae by infrasound (pdf 7 kB) Fredrik Gröndahl fgro@kth.se
Uppföljning av förbehandling av elavfall (pdf 37 kB) Monika Olsson monika@kth.se
Developing waste management systems (pdf 58 kB) Cecilia Sundberg cesu@kth.se
LCA of composting (pdf 26 kB) Cecilia Sundberg cesu@kth.se
Biochar – win-win-win for energy security, food security and carbon sequestration? (pdf 144 kB) Cecilia Sundberg cesu@kth.se
Promoting biodiversity in stone and gravel quarries (pdf 222 kB) Daniel Franzén dfranz@kth.se
Strategically Establishing Eco-Industrial Regions (Symbiosis Parks / Circular Industrial Parks) (pdf 220 kB) Monika Olsson monika@kth.se
Changes in Reed distribution - natural or anthropogenic drivers (pdf 81 kB) Daniel Franzén dfranz@kth.se
Comparative Life Cycle Analysis of algae-based biodegradable plastic bottle vs fossil-based equivalent (pdf 298 kB) Jean-Baptiste Thomas jbthomas@kth.se
Comparative Life Cycle Analysis of algae-based bioplastics for use in the packaging industry vs an equivalent bioplastic (pdf 230 kB) Jean-Baptiste Thomas jbthomas@kth.se
What is the role of the boreal forest soil carbon and the effects from intensive forestry in the ongoing climate change? – A global review of literature and a regional analysis of forest statistics from the Swedish National Forest Inventory. Daniel Franzén dfranz@kth.se

How can data science catalyse development of smart sustainable cities? 

Oleksii Pasichnyi oleksii.pasichnyi@abe.kth.se

Data analysis methods for improving building energy efficiency 

Oleksii Pasichnyi oleksii.pasichnyi@abe.kth.se

Value chain analysis for energy efficiency retrofitting of buildings in Sweden 

Oleksii Pasichnyi oleksii.pasichnyi@abe.kth.se

Assessment of building stock thermal lag potential for urban energy system resilience 

Oleksii Pasichnyi oleksii.pasichnyi@abe.kth.se

Explorative data analysis of the declared energy performance for the Stockholm’s building stock 

Oleksii Pasichnyi oleksii.pasichnyi@abe.kth.se

Robust decision-making for energy efficient building retrofitting in Stockholm 

Oleksii Pasichnyi oleksii.pasichnyi@abe.kth.se

Automated batch building energy simulations for large scale analysis of building retrofitting potential 

Oleksii Pasichnyi oleksii.pasichnyi@abe.kth.se
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