Thesis project at the Sustainable Technology Masters programme

Finishing up your ST studies

After completing all course work, every student is assigned a thesis project in which he/she typically works over a period of 5-6 months (30 ECTS). The thesis project may be carried out either in an academic environment (university, research institute, or equivalent) in a public or an industrial setting (municipality, city, power plant, consulting agency, or other industry/business). While suitable thesis project topics may be proposed and assigned by programme lecturers, or by specialists from related industries/businesses, students are encouraged to define relevant projects on their own, and to seek environments in which these can be carried out successfully. Students are highly recommended to try to find relevant thesis project linked to important sustainability topics in their home countries.

To start the thesis work, the student has to pass a course in scientific methodology.

The thesis project is conducted under the guidance of an advisor within the programme, and with the assistance of local/external advisors. Students are expected to keep their advisors regularly updated on the progress of their project work, and need to submit progress reports at different stages of their work.

Thesis Registration

Students should start discussion during Period 3 of the programme with both the ST Office and potential supervisors.
The thesis should be registered at the ST Office no later than 1 December.

Requirements for thesis registration:

  • Thesis Registration Form, completed and signed by the student and her/his examiner
  • A synopsis approved by the supervisor (signed up), including time schedule (compulsory)
  • For scholarship holders: thesis budget approved and signed by the supervisor. This item has to be approved also by the ST Programme Office

The synopsis usually includes:

  • Title of the thesis
  • Background to problem area
  • Aim and Objectives (help documents for how to write these you can find through the link to the right)
  • Methodology
  • Literature References (how to write these you can find through the link to the right)
  • Time Schedule and Budget

Once this synopsis is approved by the selected supervisor and registered at the ST Programme Office, the student may begin working on the thesis.

Extension of Residence Permit for Thesis Work

Students with residence permit valid until May-June have to apply for its renewal ensuring its validity during the thesis work period.

Application form can be obtained from Migrationsverket (The Swedish Migration Board) website which you find here.

Thesis Supervisors

A student may, at the discretion of the Examiner have more than one supervisor.

It is the duty of the Supervisor to:

  • advise the student on the formulation of the research problem, delimitations, etc
  • advise the student on the financial circumstances of the Supervisor's department/division relating to the thesis work, i.e. what the student can and cannot expect in terms of financial assistance, apart from supervision and printing of the thesis
  • assist, if possible, in identifying a Field Supervisor (for a field study), and request relevant assistance
  • inform the student about the grading system A-E for the thesis and how this is to be interpreted.

The Student has to:

  • plan to complete the thesis with the required standard within the normal time limits
  • agree with the supervisor on an overall timetable for the completion of the work and a schedule of regular meetings at which the detailed planning and progress can be discussed
  • take note of the guidance and feedback from their supervisor and act upon it
  • provide regular written reports on his/her research progress to the supervisor and must maintain contact with the supervisor during the thesis period between the end of the course-work and the actual submission for examination

A Field Supervisor is requested to:

  • assist the student to gain access to information necessary for conducting the field study
  • advise and assist the student with logistical problems

Writing Thesis

The thesis should be written according to the standards at IE. Instructions for writing can be found through theMaster Thesis link to the right.

Thesis Seminar

A thesis seminar is compulsory to obtain the Degree of Master of Sustainable Technology.

When the supervisor, in consultation with the student, is satisfied that the thesis is approaching completion, the supervisor should notify the Thesis Examiner in time in order to:

  • secure an External Examiner or 'opponent' (if possible)
  • set a date for final seminar
  • decide if a final draft of the thesis should be presented at the final seminar, or if the thesis should be presented in printed final version

The Examiner may delegate these duties to a supervisor.

Thesis Approval, Grade Registration and obtaining of Diploma

After the completion of the thesis, presentation and corrections, the Supervisor is responsible for:

  • Registering the thesis by sending an e-mail or post message to the ST Programme Office.

The Student is responsible for:

  • Filling up and signing up the Diploma Requesting Form at the ST Programme Office. Note that this is an important step that should be done in due time. It would, otherwise, lead to the delay or non-issuance of the Diploma
  • Submitting to the ST Programme Office, a copy of a receipt of payment of the Student Union fee that covers the whole period
  • Submitting, an attested photocopy of previous university degree (B.Sc. or B.Eng.). If the diploma is in another language than English the student is requested to have it translated by an authorized translator. The translation should bear the signature and stamp of the authorized translator. Besides, an attested photocopy of the original diploma in the original language should also be submitted.

The Degree of Master of Sustainable Technology is issued only after the student has cleared up his/her status with the ST Office, KTH-Accommodation Office, KTH-Library and the Student Union fee (submit to the ST office copies of payment for the whole duration of the study including the period of course work and the thesis work). This is in addition to fulfilling the aforementioned three points under section Thesis approval.

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