About the Masters Programme in Sustainable Technology

In September 2004 a new masters programme was launched at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden. The name of the programme is Sustainable Technology.


The programme Sustainable Technology is based upon the concept of Industrial ecology with focus on the understanding of interactions between technical, economical, social and ecological systems and processes. Industrial ecology can also be considered as a concept for how the industry, or rather the entire industrial society of today, would work in the future in order to reduce it's interference with the life-supporting ecosystems of the world. Risk Assessment is also a very important area in sustainable development that includes questions like comparing risks between different energy solutions, communication of risks between different stakeholders etc.

Technology is an important diving force for economical development and technology and communication are two essential factors in the development of more sustainable societies. Without new sustainable technologies, it will not be possible to obtain economic growth and global equity and without communication skills, it will not be possible to reach consensus in the democratic processes in society for different new technologies. These insights will be the foundation in the International Master programme in Sustainable Technology.

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