Energy Scenarios Sweden-Ukraine

Publicerad 2011-01-17

Energy scenarios are important to create platforms for discussions among stakeholders how to create more sustainable pathways for production and use of energy. Energy production is the dominating source for emissions of green house gases and climate change effects. Sweden has succeeded in developing more sustainable fossil fuel independent systems for energy. This will be further developed with the new EU regulations where Sweden is planned to be the country in EU which is least dependent of fossil fuels. Ukraine is in an early phase to turn into more sustainable energy systems but is still very much depending on fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. We believe that cooperation in this area between Sweden and Ukraine can have many benefits in knowledge and technology transfer.

This project is based on a cooperation between PhD students from Sweden and Ukraine and their supervisiors.The project is focused on capacity building in scenario methods and in creating forecasting and backcasting energy scenarios for Ukraine and Sweden mainly in the areas of renewable energy systems.


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