Quality control and timeplans

Main responsibility
The main responsibility for quality control always lies with the primary thesis supervisor. Close cooperation between supervisors within each doctoral studies subject is a vital component of quality activities. The subject syllabus is also an important instrument of quality control. Individual syllabi are important tools for follow up of course planning and study success.

Continuous quality control
”The seminar plays a central role in research and doctoral studies. Within the School of Architecture and the Built Environment it is recommended that the doctoral student’s texts, in the form of draft articles or chapters, be regularly discussed at seminars. Active efforts should be made within every subject to develop seminar forms suitable to the material that will stimulate active discussions with well-informed participants”

Mid-term Assessment
Postgraduate students studying for a PhD degree must either take a Licentiate Degree or carry out a Mid-term Assessment, unless there are substantial arguments against this course of action.


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