PhD courses

A licentiate degree consist of a course component of 30 ECTS and a dissertation part of 90 ECTS, equal to 120 ECTS. A doctor’s degree consists of a course component of 60ECTS and a thesis part of 180 ECTS, giving a total of 240 ECTS. For a PhD student in Environmental Strategic Analysis some courses are compulsory. For a licentiate degree, at least 15 ECTS must be compulsory courses. For further details see the study plan for the subject and KTH regulation.

Compulsory courses

The 7.5 ECTS Scientific theory and research methodology course can be replaced by Introduction to theory of science and research methodology, for natural  or social science  (AK3024/F1N5112, 4.5 ECTC) combined with AG3165 Self-reflexive Methodology for the Scientific Study of Complex Social Phenomena  (3 ECTS)

fms PhD courses

fms runs the Environmental Strategic Analysis courses every second year. Fms also have several non-compulsory courses that run when there is enough interested PhD students. All PhD courses at fms are listed here.

Other PhD courses

PhD courses at KTH of interest for PhD students focusing on environment and sustainable development

PhD courses in theory of science and research methodology given by the philosophy department

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