Published theses

Find below a selection of Master's theses written at fms (generated by DIVA)

Older theses (not published in DIVA)

SoM EX 2010-14. Alexandra Buttazzoni (2010) Miljömässigt hållbar fastighetsutveckling i fjäll- och turistmiljö (pdf 527 kB)

SoM EX 2010-02. Thomas Gustafsson (2010) Miljöbedömning av byggnader - Fallstudie Trälyftet (pdf 2,4 MB)

SoM EX 2009-41. James E. Loewenstein (2009) Surviving Suburbia: Analysis and Redevelopment of America´s Suburbs in a Post Cheap Oil Era (pdf 4,2 MB)

SoM EX 2009-40. Craig Donovan (2009) Twenty thousand leagues under the sea: A life cycle assessment of fibre optic submarine cable systems (pdf 2,5 MB)

SoM EX 2009-39. Gunta Amola (2009) Contribution of Waterborne Public Transport to Sustainable Waterfronts: Case Studies of Hammarby Sjöstad (Stockholm) and HafenCity (Hamburg) (pdf 9,0 MB)

SoM EX 2009-31. Atiq Uz Zaman (2009) Technical Development of Waste Sector in Sweden: Survey and Life Cycle Environmental Assessment of Emerging Technologies (pdf 1,1 MB)

SoM EX 2009-26. Sofiia Miliutenko (2009) Aggregate provision and sustainability issues in selected European cities around the Baltic Sea (pdf 1,8 MB)

SoM EX 2009-23. Tim Birkholz (2009) Intermodal connections between cycling and public transport - A Stockholm case study (pdf 3,1 MB)

SoM EX 2009-15. Tahmina Ahsan (2009) Passive Design Features for Energy-Efficient Residential Buildings in Tropical Climates: the context of Dhaka, Bangladesh (pdf 3,8 MB)

SoM EX 2008-12. Pimkamol Maleetipwan (2008) Evaluation of Eco Design Solutions - A case study of two Swedish eco houses (pdf 1,7 MB)

SOM EX 2008-06. Benoît Loïc Verzat (2008) Sustainable Public Procurement - Development and analysis of tools for construction works (pdf 1,1 MB)

SOM-EX 2007-027. Humberto Armenta Vilches (2007) Alternatives to reach a Sustainable Building Architectural Design In the Mexico City context (pdf 2,3 MB)

Thomas Breiner (2006) Exporting the Swedish ecodesign model? A comparitive case study between Hammarby Sjöstad (Sweden) and ZAC Beauregard (France) (pdf 7,7 MB)

SOM EX 06-032. Declan Commons (2006) Integrating comprehensive sustainability into the mainstream building development processes (pdf 1,1 MB)

SOM-EX 06-21. Eunice Ofeibea Damptey (2006) Building sustainability for good indoor climate in three residential areas of Accra, Ghana (pdf 3,6 MB)

SOM-EX 06-40. Shakila Umair (2006) Environmental Impacts of Fiber Composite Materials- Study on Life Cycle Assessment of Materials used for Ship Superstructure. (pdf 728 kB)

SOM-EX 06-013. Philippe Cabrol (2006) Suggestion of generic Product Category Rules (PCR) for new buildings (pdf 1,6 MB)

SOM-EX 06-022. Ivana Stankovic (2006) Sustainable upgrading of the eight city blocks in central Belgrade - research with children as the stakeholders of the future (pdf 4,0 MB)

SOM-EX 06-008. Juan José Núñez Andrade (2006) Analysis and Proposal of a Sustainable Development Strategy for the Valley of Cuatro Ciénegas, based on principles of Urban Planning and Urban Governance (pdf 6,3 MB)

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