Master's programme: Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure

Miljöteknik och hållbar infrastruktur -
Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure (EESI)

The Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure programme

The EESI programme provides tools to solve future’s environmental problems and water issues. Our courses in, for example, environmental assessment and water resources engineering prepare students for careers as environmental engineers. Students will increase their understanding of the properties and functions of waters and ecosystems, learn how to assess the local and global environmental impacts of human activities, and apply advanced methods, techniques and modelling tools to describe, quantify and solve environmental problems.

EESI was set up as a inter-disciplinary programme targeted towards building and strengthening the competences of addressing environmental problems.

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Like the 20 years anniversary of EESI pioneers did in 2014

The EESI Programme gives the opportunity to integrate and merge issues of engineering with environment and sustainability. The School of Architecture and the Built Environment offers a set of courses that are unique in the sense that they enable students to take combinations of "classical" engineering courses and planning/management-oriented courses. From 2012, the programme enables specialization in different competence profiles. 

Please visit also the KTH main webpage on education, as well as the course and programme directory, for the latest updates on the EESI programme!

The goal of the programme is thus to educate an engineer, planner or manager with strong skills of communication, one who can provide leadership in their area of work based on the fact that they have an understanding of how different professions work and perceive issues, and one who is flexible and adaptable to change especially in an era of global environmental challenges.

EESI student blogs

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The scope of Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure is international and interdisciplinary. The programme is particularly recommended to those who will work with environmental engineering and management in industrialised as well as developing countries.

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